Photo: Laura Pappano

Inside School Turnarounds:
Urgent Hopes, Unfolding Stories

Inside School Turnarounds - photo of book cover
Playing with the Boys - book cover

Playing with the Boys: Why Separate is not Equal in Sports

The Connection Gap - book cover

The Connection Gap: Why Americans Feel So Alone

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Hone your skills with Pappano's NY Times Education Life strategy column on note taking. Oct. 31, 2014.

And test your NCAA knowledge in her NY Times pop quiz.

Pappano explores fledgling collaborations between district and charter schools in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Harvard Education Letter.

Get the scoop before you apply to B-School: “Business Schools Add Admissions Bells and Whistles.NYTimes Education Life 8/3/14.

Why we must teach computer science sooner
(not using a computer, but computational
thinking). Plus find strategies to get girls
involved in “Computer Science for
” in the Jul/Aug Harvard
Education Letter.

When children face violence at home and
in their communities, they can lash out at
school. Read Pappano's piece on
"trauma-sensitive" schools in the May/Jun
2014 issue of the Harvard Education


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