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Inside School Turnarounds:
Urgent Hopes, Unfolding Stories

Inside School Turnarounds - photo of book cover
Playing with the Boys - book cover

Playing with the Boys: Why Separate is not Equal in Sports

The Connection Gap - book cover

The Connection Gap: Why Americans Feel So Alone

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When children face violence at home and in their communities, they can lash out at school. Read Pappano's piece on "trauma-sensitive" schools in the May/June 2014 issue of the Harvard Education Letter.

Pappano finds “10 Courses with a Twist” and shares what makes them cool in the New York Times 4/8/14.

In “Finding Tomorrow's Prodigies,” Pappano writes about the global search for talent (call it the American Idol for Einsteins) for the cover of the Christian Science Monitor Magazine, week of 2/24/14.

Catch Pappano's piece on Creativity as an
academic discipline in NY Times Education Life, “Learning to Think Outside the Box” on 2/5/14.

In quest to improve student thinking skills,
might Kant help? Read Pappano's “Engaging
Young Minds with Philosophy
” in the
Jan/Feb 2014 issue of The Harvard
Education Letter

The New York Times Magazine education
issue on 9/15/13 features Pappano's
story, “The Boy Genius of Ulan Bator.”


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